Gravey Train is Moonin'


Based out of Philadelphia, Gravey Train creates sweet n' sad, moon-themed country folk music. Whether singing the graces of Bev's Diner on the Moon or pining for that Pale Blue Dot, Gravey Train's songs will have you feeling great about your place in this universe. 

Gravey Train features vocals by Joe Carlough (who runs the zine press Displaced Snail Publications) and vocals and guitar by Chris Baldys (who records as little stray and plays in Rabbits to Riches).


Listen to Our Latest Releases:


May 26 2019 - w/ Joe Jack Talcum, Marshall James Kavanaugh @ EFZRR, Philadelphia PA

November 3 2018 - w/ Potential Gospel (EP Release), Lauren Scott, Endless Mtns. @ 6pm, No Face Studios, Philadelphia PA

November 1 2018 - w/ Dame Darcy, Katie Haegele @ 7pm, Wooden Shoe Books, Philadelphia PA

August 18 2018 - w/ The Stammer, Ari Gonzalez, Caitlin Peck @ EFZRR, Philadelphia PA